Namaste Obies,

If you are looking for a fulfilling and enriching way to spend your Winter Term or summer this might be a great opportunity for you.

We will be working with Maya Universe Academy, Nepal’s first free private school. It is organized and supported by a substantial collaboration between parents of students, and the enterprising individuals who envisioned Maya into being. Parents volunteer (infrastructure development, kitchen duties, etc.) at the school instead of paying money to have their children attend. During you time there you might assist with gardening, farming, construction, tutoring, or execute an idea you might come up with (or a mixture of these). You will concurrently have the opportunity to learn about Nepal, its beautiful culture, its friendly people and how a sustainable community-run school works.For more information please attend a strongly recommended information session on:

• Information Session #1: 1 p.m., September 15 in King 306
• Information Session #2: 1 p.m., September 24 in King 306

If you have any questions please email sun@oberlin.edu

Hope you have a great day!

With best regards,

Student United for Nepal
Oberlin College